‘Managing the Menopause’

Can Dietary Changes Help You?

Join Nutrition in Norfolk for a Spa Day at Beautiful Grassmere on Thursday February 6th – 10am – 4 pm to find out:

What and How Lifestyle and Diet can Help You Manage the Menopause and Hormonal Imbalances…

The day will start at 10am with a hormone supporting cuppa and we will then look at how delicious food and small changes to lifestyle can help you balance your hormones so you can breeze through the Menopause – we have lots of foody ideas to get you inspired to help yourself to better health…

Spa Days

I will prepare and demonstrate your 3 course Vegan, (Dairy Free), Gluten Free lunch, packed with nutrients that science has shown support hormone balance and you will take home a recipe booklet with all these delightful recipes in so you can recreate these at home. 

gluten free cooking

Our recipes and info. will include:

  • weight management and distribution, hot flush and night sweat reduction with better blood sugar balance –  Some further reading :- Managing blood sugar to reduce hot flushes
  • which phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) are best and how to include these regularly in your  diet
  • easy ways to include enough quality protein
  • how to support bone density and lessen those joint problems – More furtther reading:- Protein and Vitamin D for postmenopausal bone health
  • ways to improve sleep patterns
  • heart and cardiovascular health tips – post menopause
Menopause Spa Day

We will also look together at easy lifestyle interventions – so you leave feeling enlivened and ready to work through the Menopause as Nature Intended!

Managing the Menopause

Our usual lovely therapists will be on hand for the afternoon to help you relax and make you feel good with massages, reflexology, manicures, hot stones and more and the Jacuzzi and steam room make the Spa day complete – don’t forget your cossy to indulge in the therapeutic Spa day.

Managing the Menopause

And to finish our day an exquisite cake that is not too decadent and while still helping to keep blood sugar balanced

Join us and enjoy all for the unbeatable price of £60  –
30 minute therapy treatments are £10 extra each and paid to each therapist on the day 

To join this delightful Spa day in the beautiful village at Grassmere Boughton, please complete the form below and make your payment